Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate Gifts

A corporate gift is an inseparable entity with the corporate world. Companies always look for attractive gifts. Corporate gifts are given either to employee or clients. It is important for companies to have different options of a corporate gift. So every company always looks for the best corporate gifting ideas. And choosing the best corporate gift is not an easy task.

Through this article, I would try give some of the best corporate gifting ideas.  Few of the best items for corporate gifting are as follows:

Corporate Gifting Items


Pen is one of the best and simple corporate gifts that can be given to anybody. Pens come in different designs, from simple to best designs. Also, there are cheapest promotional pen to the most costly pen for gifting to CEO. The personalized pen can be made by printing name of the person. Also, the company logo and brand name can be printed on the pen. Thus personalized branded pen act the best souvenir and always help in brand recognition. This is one of the simple and best corporate gifting ideas.

Pen Drive:

Earlier any official work or records are stored in the form of hard files. But, in today’s digital world, almost every work done by an employee or business house is saved in the form of data. These data are required to store for future use. Also, these data need to transfer from one system to another. So pen drive has become an important part for every executive to store data or to transfer data. Thus gifting a personalized pen drive is of the best option of corporate gifting. Proper branding can be done in pen drive by printing logo as well as the name of the person. Pen drive serves as a best corporate gifitng ideas for the corporate executives.

Coffee Mug:

Coffee Mug branded with logo or images are also a good option of corporate gifting. Almost all executive love to have coffee in the office or at home as it freshens them. So the executives will have coffee in the branded coffee mug. This way brand can be promoted and it is an easier option of brand recall. Coffee Mug has the options of printing any images or photos and logos. So it is a good gift option for all occasion. Branded or printed coffee mug can be as a corporate gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift etc. Coffee Mug can be considered as one of the best corporate gifting ideas which fit in any industries.

Sipper Bottles:

Givieng branded sipper bottles are also a good corporate gifting ideas. Nowadays executives are has a very tight schedule with market visit and meetings. They spend most of their time in meetings and travels. So to keep themselves hydrated they depend on bottle water. If branded sipper bottles are given as a corporate gift then they will always carry that sipper bottles with them. This is also one of the best way of brand promotion and brand recall.

Power Bank:

Everybody use smartphone and today’s life is fully dependent on phones. And phone battery gets discharge very soon because of high uses.So busy executive need to keep power bank with them.Thus branded power bank is also a good option of corporate gifting. These type of corporate gifting ideas is useful for all sectors of industry.

Fitness Accessories:

Fittest executives are the backbone of any organization. These days people hardly get time for exercise. And also executive have many health issue due to the high-stress job. So motivating the employee or clients to get fitter is need of the hour. Thus gifting fitness accessories is a unique corporate gifting idea. Fitness accessories such as branded resistance band, fitness tracker, yoga mat, pair of running shoes, track suits etc. are good option of corporate gift.  Gym membership is also good options of corporate gift.

Travel Kits:

Travel kits such as passport holders, toiletries bag, shoes bag etc is also a good option of corporate gift.


Bags is a good option for a corporate gift. As a corporate gift, varieties of bags such as laptop bag, trolley bags, travel bag, duffle bags, gym bags etc can be given.

T-Shirts & Cap:

T-Shirts is also a good corporate gift. Executive love to wear the company branded T-Shirts. They feel proud that they are representing a particular brand. So T-Shirt with printed logo on it is also a good corporate gift options.Cap is also a good gift for brand promotion.There are many varieties of promotional cap in the market.

Also other than the mentioned above, the following items is also the best options of corporate gift.

Notebook and Organizers
Laptop & mobile phones
Cheque book holders & card holders
Executive sets such as the combo of a pen, card holder and keychains
Green teas sets
Chocolate and dry fruits
Wallet and purse
Momentoes and trophies
Belts, Ties & Scarves
Sticky notes and Pads
Hand Sanitizer

Corporate Gifts

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